The Duchess Of Sussex, Meghan Markle is a Gem of a person! How gracefully She took care of Her Awkward Encounter With The Summit Organizer! Fans flattered!!

Sometimes some celebrity encounters can be awkward. Be it a casual hug or a kiss that has gone too far! We have seen such awkward encounters on social gatherings or at the award functions as well! Something similar happened to a known figure and let us see who is this person.

What Kind Of An Awkward Encounter Was It?

Of late Meghan Markle has been a part of a huge controversy regarding her personal life and the clash with the royal family. Prince Harry has decided to take up matters at hand and protect his wife at all costs. This issue has not been resolved and she is a part of another awkward encounter!

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One of the many many reasons to love Meghan. The lady going for the curtsy and Meghan giving her a hug instead.đź’•

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Apparently, Meghan Markle was caught awkwardly greeting the charity organizer during the One World Summit on Tuesday. The incident happened when the Duchess of Sussex was spotted on camera Tuesday night clashing with charity organizer Kate Robertson at the London event. The encounter was both awkward and comical at the same time. Duchess ended up hugging her while Kate was going to offer the duchess a courtesy it seems!

It All Ended Well At The End  It Seems!

It was quite an event with all eyes on the duchess. This encounter has surely given media a new cover that involves the Duchess. The organizer was not ready for the hug from the duchess it seems! But the encounter soon turned into a warm welcome scenario. The use of a hug is rarely used as a royal courtesy and although there were seconds of awkwardly encounter, both the women laughed it off respectfully.

The event highlighted the work that the royal couple did back in their tour to South Africa. Meghan Markle will discuss the struggles of being in the limelight as well. Tom Bradby followed the couple for the ITV documentary revealed the emotional toll that Markle had to face. This struggle was quite evident.