THE DRAGON PRINCE SEASON 4 [latest update]: When is it arriving for the fans? Read to know about cast, plot, trailer and more!

‘The Dragon Prince’ is an animated web series created by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond. This show is premiered on Netflix. It is a story of fantasy world which has magic based on mainly six elements: the Sun, Stars, Earth, Moon, Sky, and Ocean. The humans were not able to use the magic naturally so they started with dark magic.

Already three seasons of the series were released. Now, this time it is back with its fourth season. Read to find out more details.

Release Date: When will Season 4 be releasing?

The Dragon Prince Season 4 might release in May 2020. There is no official confirmation for the date of release by Netflix yet. Netflix has mentioned that Season 4 would come out somewhere around May 2020. We are still waiting for the announcement of the exact date.

Cast & Characters: Who all will be seen?

The main and regular characters from the previous seasons will definitely gonna return. Callum played by Jack DeSena is a 14- year- old boy and the first human to control the magic. Rayla played by Paula Burrows is 15- year- old prodigy who accompanies Callum and Ezran. Ezran is a 10- year- old boy which is played by Sasha Rojen. He has a unique ability to talk with animals.

Some other supporting casts will also make their appearance. There are chances of entry of some new characters also.

What will be the plot of Season 4?

Since there is no trailer yet, we can’t tell exactly what will happen in the upcoming season. Season 4 will begin from the point it had left off. There will be a complete new path and adventures in the new season.

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