The Disney Actress Bella Thorne set to make her directional debut for pornhub!

Bella Thorne is out of Disney World and is all set to make her directional debut on Pornhub. The 21-year old actress is also in the limelight from the time her naked pics went viral on Instagram. The ‘Shake It Up’ star is set to make her directional debut with the film titled ‘Her & Him’.

Inspiration for the film:

In an interview, Bella said that the inspiration for the film came from thinking of a male and female relationship. This all relates to the real world apart from sexual content. Pornhub Vice President Corey calls Her & Him a “modernistic, sexually explicit Romeo and Juliet-like depiction of two star-crossed lovers who have an unbridled sexual longing for each other.” He also praises Bella’s imagination and creativity regarding her work. In an interview, Bella said that working with the adult industry is a completely different experience. She also says that it is fun to be in that environment. However, the Disney star shocked everyone by doing something out of the box.

Release date, plot, and cast:

Adult stars Abella Danger and Small Hands set to make appearances in Her & Him. The trailer of the film released yesterday. The trailer starts with Hands seeing a browsing search in Abella’s phone. The browsing search shows how to kill your boyfriend and get away with it. Seeing this Hands thinks that Abella wants to kill him. The plot of the film seems is also very different and interesting. In an interview, Bella said that she originally wanted to create a Christmas horror film. Instead, she created something beautiful and ethereal.

The film will premiere in the Oldenburg Film festival in Germany on September 15. The film may be uncomfortable to some due to the adult content. But sometimes it’s better to just appreciate the content keeping aside everything else.