The Directors Of “Batgirl” Discuss The Discontinuation Revealing Shocking Details

“Batgirl” Directors on Making “Movie History” and Why They Would Still Engage Alongside Warner Bros. Following the Dismissal

Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi reflected on the repercussions of the contentious cancellation of their $90 million superhero movie as well as the overwhelming industry backing they have garnered.

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The most notable casualty of David Zaslav’s cost-cutting was the DC Universe admittance Batgirl, which was eventually dismissed while being in post-production in August. The movie had a $90 million expenditure, making it one of the most expensive film production ever to be abandoned.

Things Took An Unexpected Turn

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Arbi and Fallah mention that they weren’t able to attend the Warner Bros. lot private screening of Batgirl since they were in Belgium at the time, and the version that was presented wasn’t their most recent edit but rather was somewhere in the middle. The decision to stop the project was made just as they were beginning the editing phase, leaving them with plenty of work to complete the project.

Arbi revealed that further photography was still required because many sequences were still missing and the VFX were not present.

Fallah and Arbi on Batgirl Scrapping

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There was undoubtedly a great deal of disappointment for the two Belgian directors, who first came to prominence with the explosive 2020 smash hit Bad Boys for Life, when they were not able to show their work to their stars and crew, which included actors like Leslie Grace, J.K. Simmons, Brendan Fraser, and Michael Keaton.

Arbi said that they were two super fans who briefly found themselves in the Batman realm, imitating Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan, before discovering that everything was just a dream.

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Despite their dismay at having their opportunity to join the superhero world abruptly taken away, they said the number of supportive messages they have received has been incredibly rewarding.

Fallah remarked that the level of industry assistance they received was astounding; it seemed as though all the artists were rooting for them, which was wonderful since it made them feel less alone.

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Arbi and Fallah’s names were not yet etched into superhero history, but they had contributed to Hollywood’s extensive and colorful chronicles, and Batgirl’s cancellation was rather exceptional in terms of its size and the way it occurred.

Since it had never occurred before, according to Fallah, they were essentially making cinematic history without even attempting.

Fallah on the Possibility of Collaboration with Warner Bros.

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Despite the current circumstances, Fallah stated that they would like to work with Warner Bros. as long as the film is shown in public.