The Descendants: Relatives of Martin Luther King Jr., Eleanor Roosevelt, and Mahatma Gandhi come together for Netflix Series

Family members of Martin Luther King, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Mahatma Gandhi gather together during the Netflix series “The Descendants”

The family members of great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King Jr., and Eleanor Roosevelt are participating in the latest series The Descendantsfrom Cineflix Productions, the production house behind “Desperate Souls, the Legend of Midnight Cowboy, and The Dark City.


The relatives of Gandhi, Roosevelt, Churchill, and King have granted “The Descendants” unfettered access to their secret records and will divulge intimate, untold stories as part of the current season.


TheĀ elevated theatrical anthology will look at what it’s like from the viewpoints of the close relatives of worldwide icons to appreciate and maintain their legacy.

Executive producers comprise Valerie LoCascio, J.C. Mills of Cineflix Productions, Anne Kenny, and Gandhi, who will contribute as executive producers in addition.

Each Episode of The Descendants Will Be Hosted By A Relative

Image: Michael Ochs Archives / Correspondente

A relative of the highlighted figure will serve as the host for every episode.

Gandhi: Gandhi’s great-granddaughter Amrita Gandhi, a writer and TV personality, will introduce viewers to members of the family, notably his grandchildren Gopalkrishna and Rajmohan Gandhi and contemporary descendent Medha Gandhi, who is forging new roads.

Eleanor Roosevelt: Tracy Roosevelt, a great-granddaughter of the former first lady, will discuss how her own career as an advocate specialising in foreign dispute resolution was impacted by the International Declaration of Human Rights that Eleanor Roosevelt created.


Churchill: The Churchill relatives will discuss Churchill’s impact on the latest beneficiaries of the Sir Winston S. Churchill Leadership Award while retracing the measures of the British prime minister through Chartwell, Blenheim Palace, the Churchill War Rooms, and the Houses of Parliament.

King: A senior researcher of the MLK Center and his nephew, Isaac Newton Farris Jr., who recently renovated old film and photos, will speak on the Center’s ongoing efforts to continue the tradition of peaceful dispute resolution.

Cineflix Productions’ president and head of programming, J.C. Mills, stated that “The Descendants” strikes every note in terms of telling relevant stories. Due to a lack of global dominance, the world we live in is currently experiencing unparalleled problems. We hope that our documentary series will serve as a reminder of the legacy of legends like Gandhi, Roosevelt, Churchill, and King, as well as an inspiration to spectators to stand up for what is right.


The Descendants’ Executive producers LoCascio and Kenny stated that these are personal opinions that can only be expressed by family and friends who grew up dealing with a larger-than-life personality.

Despite sharing the same DNA, Gandhi relative stated that being related to a global icon is strange and that his soul and brain are bound to his great-legacy. He said that although their daily lives are vastly different, he supposes that is the enchantment of it all. Additionally, Gandhi said that during this trip, he has recognized that there are many priceless, fascinating stories that he just must show to the world.

Cineflix Productions, led by Mills, has been gaining ground in the market for high-end nonfiction.