The CW’s Nancy Drew Review; Not The Old Detective Stories But The New Series Comes With a Lot More New And Interesting Content…

CW’s Nancy Drew is not something that you expect from a grandmother’s detective tales. This is for sure, not the same Nancy Drew, we grew listening stories of.

Nancy Drew, created by Kennedy McMann is a mixed version of Riverdale and Adventures of Sabrina.

Kennedy McMann tries to gather the new audience of 2019 and it seems he is getting success. Teenagers seem pretty captivated by the new American drama. The drama is spookier and has mature content than the source.

The plot revolves around the protagonist Nancy Drew, who is a young adult. She does not love solving mysteries anymore after her mother passed away due to pancreatic cancer. Nancy is not the adorable character we all assume her to be from the original story.

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She goes off-track. She works as a waitress in a local diner. Nancy detaches from her friends and family. The only relationship she has currently is with Ned (Nick), who was once a con. Her boyfriend demands of more intimacy, so she decides to be left alone.
Meanwhile, Nancy Drew lands herself as a suspect in the murder of a socialite with other workers of the diner.

The connection between Nancy, George, and Bess draws the most attention in the first episode ‘Pilot’. Bess believes dead Lucy is involved in the murder. George thinks figuring out the naval secrets would help to solve the murder mystery.

Nancy Drew confesses she needs help to solve the death mystery. Nancy’s romantic relation with Nick is the major turn in the plot. The innocent girl who falls for a cunning boy is a little disturbing.

Meanwhile, the super-natural approach works well in the drama. A scary scene was witnessed when Lucy comes back to life. This made Nancy interested in this particular murder case.

Overall, we can say that the series is fun to watch. The detective trio and the sudden appearance of Lucy can higher the adrenaline rush.