The Crown Season 5 recreates the controversial phone call between Camilla and King Charles

The horrifying phone call between Camilla and King Charles gets recreated in “The Crown”

The Crown is a television series which portrays the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The drama is created and written by Peter Morgan and produced by Left Bank Pictures and Sony Pictures Television which is streaming on Netflix. Besides revealing many secrets of the royal family, the series streamed the most controversial scene in the episode of “The Way Ahead” the family.

The Crown

As far as criticism is concerned, the fifth season of The Crown lines up to be the first as it got premiered soon after the queen’s death. The new season included 10 new episodes which depicted the 6 years of queen’s life (1991-1997). However, according to reports, Dame Judi Dench has already added a title card before each episode which clearly tells that all the episodes are dramatized.

Let’s get into the insight of the episode “The Way Ahead”. In the series, Dominic West and Olivia Williams are seen to be reenacting the scene of 1989 phone call between Charles and Camilla.

Remember “Tampongate Scandal”

It is the scene depicting the famous “The Tampongate scandal”. The scandal was about the phone call recorded between then Prince Charles and his future wife Camilla (Prince Charles was married to Princess Diana). In the call, Charles jokingly told her that he “wanted to be her tampon.”

The phone call became a scandal when it was revealed in 1993 when King Charles and Princess Diana were reported to be separated, everyone was extremely interested in knowing the scandal. The conversation had split open the reality of the dreamy wedding of King Charles with Princess Diana in front of the whole world. He had received a lot of backlash for it as well.