The Crown, Season 3 Is All About Political Changes and New Character Clashes!

Netflix is all set with the third season of the Royal show, The Crown. The show has been gaining immense popularity since day one, and the episodes are all about royal drama, high and intense emotional experiences, and politics!

What Is The Third Season All About?

In the third season that arrived on 17th November, Tobias Menzies, along with Helena Bonham Carter, is all round-up, and it seems like they are bringing thirteen years of British History back to life. The season is filled with some hidden gems of British that are quite scandalous. These scenes will definitely get fans hooked to the show for a long time. Like, who doesn’t want to know about the hidden secrets about the royal family!

Moreover, the show is highlighting on a controversial love triangle in which Princess Charles (Josh O’Connor) and Princess¬† Anne (Erin Doherty) are somehow both wrapped up in. This season has a more political overtone, it seems. The government will look into the needs of the poor, who see no reason why there should be a rich royal decadent figurehead and her family. The interesting part is that even the royal characters like Prince Charles, Princess Margaret, and sometimes the Queen herself cannot grasp the purpose of their lives and feels trapped inside it.

What Are We Looking Into In The Upcoming Episodes? 

In the second episode, Margaret finally finds a purpose even talks to Elizabeth about sharing responsibilities. She insists on taking away all the social duties that the Queen shies away from at times. One episode highlights the historical incident of the unfortunate Aberfan disaster and the aftermath. It seems like this season is all about changes. The political changes to be precise.

Some new characters are also included in the third season to double up the entertainment factor. We need to see how the historical accuracy is maintained in the show.