The Conners Is Going To Shock Fans With This Big Surprising Twist In The Form Of A Marriage! Read for all details!

It seems like a lot is going on in the second season finale of the hit show The Conners, the story has surely taken a dramatic turn along with a big surprise that might shock fans as well. Let us look into the details of the second season of the show.

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The Conners Second Season Is All Set With A Big Shocking Twist! Here’s What We Know.

While we saw Dan being hit hard by the harsh reality that he is going to.lose the house soon enough while Darlene is all set to.move out of the house and pursue her relationship with her love Been, however, that wants all of it and there’s more that is yet to come!

The biggest shock came in the story when Emilio was saying his heartfelt goodbye to his infant daughter; he spoke like it would be the last time he’d ever see her. In an emotional and impulsive moment, Becky took a bold decision and asked him to get married! Here’s how fans are reacting to this sudden marriage, and it’s worth your attention. Have a look.

Fans Are Reacting To This Twist Via Their Social Media Accounts!

Becky, after the break, was already back in the states and broke the shocking news to her family that she’d gotten married as a means to get Emilio back in the country in about two years.

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Fans seem to have loved the surprise wedding and are rooting for Becky and Emilio and are overwhelmed at the fact that Emilio is in love with Becky. So how will this marriage turn out, and what will be the aftermath of this whole thing? Only time will tell.