Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler have decided on the Custody of their Children.

The divorce announcement made last week by Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler. Although there were those whose hearts were broken to hear the shocking news, sources said the two were trying to work out things for a while, but the realization was that it was best to start a new chapter separately.

Every fan of social media posted the same message, but fans couldn’t wait to see what would next happen to the two children and their three brothers: Camden, 7, Saylor, four, and Jaxon, 5.

In order to purchase a new home in Franklin, Tennessee, Cutler must transfer funds to the former Laguna Beach Star.

The 33-year-old “shall be allowed to use marital funds” for the acquisition of a new property, according to data obtained by the outlet. It also notes that both parties “have signed a Joint Parenting Agreement attesting to their children’s best interests and that they petition the Court to authorize and accept the Order in the same way.”

Both Cavallari and Cutler accept in their documents that they shall be considered “fellow primary parents,” which leave the two with their children every year for 182.5 days. Through parent alternating with Easter, Thanksgiving, Spring and Autumn break, and Christmas cuts.

The former NFL quarters every other Friday after school will receive the kids next week, up to the next Friday after school. “The parenting plan shall not forbid the Parties, by a reciprocal agreement signed or by e-mail, to deviate from the residential schedule specified herein,” the court stated.

Currently, both Cavallari and Cutler switch living areas before Cavallari is able to purchase a new house – and in November 2019, she reportedly began searching for one. As they rotate, their three children live at home.

However, once they pass, the children “pay time with each parent in their own residence during the specific parent’s hours.” During these visits, each parent has the right to make two FaceTime or Skype calls each week “for each other’s convenience and for each other’s presence with the other parent.”