The Comey Rule is exactly the series you need to watch this Election Season and here is why! Check this out.

the elections in the USA are soon approaching and the brisk act has taken advances daily with the potential contestants coming out in support of the public and enhancing their chances of winning at the elections. The USA is the biggest economy in the world, not only that, but the country also has a high status in the world in terms of taking decisions and implementing them in place.

There have been instances where fake news has spread faster than wildfire and that brings nothing more than remorse to the contestants. With the time nearing to elections, there is a high chance that all the contestants will tale steps that will show them as the strongest person in the council of those who are contesting for the elections this year. With time nearing, people are hypothesizing differently about the elections and have their unique interpretations about how things could function in the future in the country. Propagandas, authentic information, opinions, etc are all a part of the election campaigns.

What is the recent development in the elections?

A drama show is featuring on the TV channels these days that shows the imagination and some reality about the events that take place in the Trump administration daily about the elections. More the people, more the hypotheses about the show as it could portray different things to people with different thinking. Some believe that it is similar to the Russian interference in the 2016 elections of the USA.

Whatever be the reality, individuals are advised to see for themselves what could be the truth and realize it upon themselves what to believe in and what not to. For those who have been watching it lately know the comparison the best.