The Boys Season 3 Completes It’s Shooting On Anniversary of Supernatural’s Last Shooting Day

It is a final call, The Boys Season 3 has wrapped up its shooting

Giving ravaging thrills and chills, Jensen Ackles has completed the shooting of The Boys season 3. Certainly, the coincidence is what has left everyone wondering. Jensen’s last day of filming The Boys happens to fall on the anniversary of supernatural last shoot day. Jensen who is playing a major role in The Boys season 3 revealed to his fans on social media that his last shooting day at the show coincidentally falls on the anniversary of his last shooting today of Supernatural.

Supernatural is the show that has given Ackles and Jared Padalecki immense popularity. The amazing show came to an end in 2020. Supernatural continued to whoop the audience for 15 seasons.

Read below to know more about what Jensen Ackles has got to share with his fans on social media.

Jensen Ackles shares last shoot day of The Boys
Credit: The CW

Jensen Ackles share the details of the last day of his shoot at The Boys season 3

Jensen shared a video of him describing the coincidence that occurred with him. In the video, Jensen can be seen saying that today is 10 Sept 2021 and he has completed the shooting of The Boys Season 3. Whereas last year, on the same date he completed the shooting of Supernatural, he continued saying in the video. Jensen captioned the picture with a question asking the universe what it is trying to tell him.

The Boys season 3 release date

The release date of the show is still unknown. However, Jensen who is playing the role of Solider Boy who fought in WW2 has already shared his picture in the costume. The last two seasons of the show had a gap of 9 to 10 months between their last shoot day and wrap-up day.

Jensen Ackles shares last shoot day of The Boys
Credit: The Boys TV | Instagram

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