The Boys Season 2 Updates: Cast, plot, release date; We’ve got it all

One of our favorite shows of 2019 on Amazon Prime was The Boys, an American Superhero web television series. The show was developed for Amazon by Eric Kripke with Karl Urban playing the lead.

We got this show premiering on July 26, 2019. Moreover, all are waiting for the second season of the show. Here are The Boys Season 2 updates for you.

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Release date of the S2:

We are not yet given any confirmed dates. But Eric told the Collider that we can expect the second season just about the same time next year.

Furthermore, the current coronavirus situation might actually be a saving grace for us. The Season 2 production was wrapped up before the pandemic. We can have the post-production sped up to get the season releasing sooner than expected.

Cast of The Boys Season 2:

In Season 1 we had Karl Urban casting as Billy Butcher. At the end of the first season, we see the Homeland kid being raised by Butcher’s wife. One new addition we can expect in season 2 will be Stormfront, a white supremacist. We will see him have superpowers from DC’s Shazam.

In addition, we will have Patton Oswalt join the cast.  Goran Visnjic and Claudia Doumit are also in for it.


Initially, we have the first season revolving around a team of vigilantes who take down self-serving superheroes. We see Hughie join the anti-cape vigilantes, The Boys to take revenge on the corrupt superheroes The Seven.


We are shown the pitfalls of The Seven through the eyes of Annie January who joins the crew with strife. Finally, the plot twist with the arrival of Billy Butcher’s wife the first season ends.

What to expect in The Boys Season 2?

In Season 2, we will have many mysteries that we can look forward to. However, the team is maintaining the suspense of the new season for all of us.