The Boys are Back in Town! Rick and Morty Season 4 Part 2 to be Released Soon!

The show is really much waited and that’s for sure, well, we won’t beat around the bush, but directly pamper your curiosity. Yes, now we have a final date for the Season four part 2. The Adult Swim recently came up with a refreshing and most awaited announcement revealing the release date. The show will be premiered on May 3.

The announcement was accompanied by the trailer of the show, the remaining five episodes of the show. Well, the series is a really popular animated adult show, with overwhelming supporters and positive critics. We find that show has managed its experiment of keeping its fans waited for the half series.


The trailer offers viewers a particular Rick and Morty flavour starts with loads of expected yet much-needed misadventure and some really insane fun. The duo is seen in some really funky junky suit, diving into a pool of acid and many more await in the series. Adult Swim is good at putting up surprises especially with this one. The trailer was released on 1 April, the April Fool day, well, on this day three years ago they premiered a surprise season three for its fans.

The first three seasons of the show will be available on HBO max, the new WarnerMedia’s New streaming service which will be launched in May. While Hulu will continue to Air the show. The show is really much awaited and makers to are excited, talking about the future of the show Adult Swim has not yet made any comment regarding the next season, but we will definitely love to watch the show going further as it shares really great comic sense.

Nevertheless, the viewers are really happy to have something good in this fearsome world atmosphere.