The ‘Blonde’ director clears the air about Marilyn Monroe film Clash with Netflix featuring Ana De Armas

Andrew Dominick Clarifies the Netflix Film Clash rumours

Marilyn Monroe’s drama “Blonde” has been surrounded by rumours for a long time. The rumours regarding the film have claimed that the movie director Andrew Dominick and Netflix have not been on good terms about the movie’s final look. However, the director Andrew Dominick has cleared the air regarding the rumours. The director stated that he will be making an NC-17 movie and all the rumours are merely a bunch of bullshit.

Marilyn Monroe
Instagram| Marilyn Monroe

The Director’s take about the movie

‘Blonde’ is a movie based on the iconic actress Marilyn Monroe and Ana De Armas will be portraying the famous icon. Additionally, the drama is derived from a novel by Joyce Carol Oates and is a work of fiction. According to the director, the movie is a very demanding one, and if the audience doesn’t appreciate it, it’s their problem. Furthermore, the director explained that it is an NC-17 movie and is exactly what we all want!

Other problems with the Icon’s movie

The movie also had a rumour regarding Ana De Armas‘ performance in the movie. Allegedly the actress’s accent was not up to the mark and needed ADR. However, Dominik warded off the rumour saying that they had to work harder to make Armas’s accent sound American. Moreover, he claimed that Armas did an amazing job and no one will complain about her performance.

Furthermore, Dominick cleared the air saying that he felt gratitude towards Netflix since they have supported him in every way. Reportedly, Netflix resolved the issues regarding the movie’s title as it had some issues. The director emphasized that supporting things become easy when we like it. Definitely agreeable!

Ana De Armas as MArilyn
Instagram| Ana De Armas

When do we get to see the Movie?

The anticipation for the famous icon’s movie is real! Blonde was shot back in 2019 and has made the final changes. However, Dominic stated that Netflix had earlier invited the “Hereditary” editor Jennifer Lame to remove all the excess scenes.

Moreover, Dominick denied the rumours stating that the movie features a menstrual cunnilingus scene. Instead, he confirmed that the movie has a rape scene as present in the novel. No release date for the movie is confirmed yet but the title was confirmed in the 2022 film slate. All we have to do now is wait for further news.