‘The Blacklist’ Season 8 Episode 5: Who is Anne? Here’s why she may be Red’s answer to a peaceful, happy ending!

Directly toward the finish of the latest Episode 5 of ‘The Blacklist’ Season 8, a beautiful little improvement happens on Red’s arc. The man, who has been busy collaborating with Harold Cooper to chase down a to a great extent missing Elizabeth Keen this week on the episode named ‘The Fribourg Confidence’, orchestrates a generally unfinished and unsuccessful mission to catch his estranged possibly girl.

Red’s Search takes a drastic turn

His solitary respite? A wonderful, sweet, consoling woman he meets in the last couple of seconds of the episode and manages to enchant. Called Anne, is this a snare once more? The authority synopsis of the episode describes what went down as “The task power investigates an association of burglars with a special expertise in stealing from other criminals; an old blacklist case resurfaces.”

'The Blacklist' Season 8 Episode 5: Who is Anne? Here's why she may be Red's answer to a peaceful, happy ending!

In short, Liz sends her hellos in just notes left at crime scenes after they’re cleaned off, yet somehow the thumb drive Redx and cooper keep searching for ends up in the last’s cup before the finish of the episode. Yet, the entirety of that happens as Liz is also hoping to release a Post Office blacklister who goes by the name the Freelancer, and she gets excessively obvious now and again, despite the fact that she doesn’t exactly fall flat as hard.

Who’s Anne after all?

In any case, we can’t focus on that because something else has figured out how to spark Red’s brain and her name is Anne. After all the hustle and bustle and frustrating upheaval of around evening time’s episode, goes to the signature park seat where he and Liz would visit about work and other things. Red’s plans were to fowl observe however they got hindered by a serene-looking, quiet, lovely woman seated on one of the benches, with who Red sparks a conversation and finds himself bounty charmed.

the blacklist season 8 episode 5

He holds his hand out and they shake over their common interest in birdwatching, however, viewers couldn’t resist the opportunity to see that this could be the possible inception of something positive on Red’s arc before he burns out. That, nonetheless, also brings to mind the possibility of this woman being another snare — a partner of Liz attempting to distract Red while the new number one blacklister does all the messy deeds. However, would Red be swayed that easily? The charmer totally that he is, Red could never discard a chance for a decent tease and those scenes are a treat to view for each fan.

Nonetheless, it is Liz who calls the trouble makers’ shots now and she is most likely the person who has figured out how to know Red the best throughout the long term. In the event that she truly wants to remove her previous coach, she certainly has the intel and labor both to do as such. Would be an interesting development if Red’s arc goes down that street. Fans anyway are more worried about whether this is the last shot at sentiment for Red or not. So we do have an affirmation that Anne’s stint wasn’t a single-scene one. There’s a greater amount of her, that is without a doubt. Yet, the one question that has been frequenting fans is who is Anne? ‘The Blacklist’ airs on Fridays at 8 pm on NBC.


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