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The Blacklist Season 7 Episode 12: All the updates and a glimpse at the hunter of Reddington

In the new episode that is to be released on Friday night, we will see who is hunting Reddington. “Is it a getaway or a trap?”

The previous episode: 

Previously, in episode 11 of Season 7 we saw Red giving Dembe a birthday present. During the celebrations, they get a call about the nesting caskets and are forced to leave.

Thus, Red starts his investigation with Dembe by his side. According to the FBI, the theft was a two-person job. Above all, at the end of the episode we see Red regaining the unique artwork. Finally, Elizabeth says though one might believe that it is right, it might actually be false.

What we might see in episode 12?Image result for the blacklist season 7 episode 12

The Blacklist Season 7 Episode 12: “Cornelius Ruck”

First and foremost we see the words” A Getaway or a Trap?” in the trailer. We will see what it really was. This episode is surely going to be thrilling and intense for all of us. The story of the 11th episode will be continued. Who will be hunting Reddington?

You can visit the trailer on Youtube.

Spoiler of Episode 12 and Synopsis:

Red reunites with an old flame secluded on a private island. A ring of robbers is secretly plotting to make millions of art that they stole. However, the guests on the island are dead which quickly wrecks the plan.

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Red is about to organize a big art deal and will run into someone close which will lead to a new problem. We might expect to learn about Red’s past and also about Katrina Rostova and her past.

Release date of Episode 12: 

The Blacklist runs on NBC at 9 pm. The upcoming episode is said to release on 27th March 2020. We will find who is hunting Reddington. Initially, it was scheduled to released along with the 11th episode. However, the creators decided to keep it for a week later.

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