The Bieber couple took in Sushi! The kitten as their new member of the family.


Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have now expanded their family from 2 to the number of three members by adding in a new member, a kitten. They have spent almost a whole day sharing her pictures with their followers, and yes, she is adorable.

Justin first announced this with an Instagram post on Friday with a featured cartoonish drawing of a kitten. Although the artwork is not confirmed to be their kitten or any other kitten, they were planning to get one, and they named it Sushi. Apart from her name, they added in many more cute nicknames for the newest member to call.

Bieber on his post seems to be very happy and enthusiastic for their kitten and has exclaimed many names too. The caption he added is just too perfect for explaining and interpreting his enthusiasm. Moreover, Baldwin also continued with the post with the list of her nicknames.

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The very next day, on Saturday, Justin, brought the kitten in and named her Sushi. Moreover, then he carried on with the day with sharing her pictures and videos on his Instagram story.

In one of the pictures, Sushi is curled up into a ball and sleeping while one can see her beautiful spotted fur.

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Curious kitten new iPhone video is tight

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Moreover, in one of the videos, she was not letting Justin sleep as she was too busy playing and biting Justin’s arm as the kitten generally do.

Moreover, for now, it is not the first time the couple has added in a four-legged member into their family. Last year, they brought a dog in their home and Justin announced him to be his Dogson named Oscar. Both of them have been animal lovers for quite a while, and they keep on showing their love with their pet animals too.