“The best ‘Staycation’ ever!”: Ashley Graham is all head-over-heals for the new life growing in her womb. Positivity is her secret to staying healthy.


Ashley Graham portrayed herself with the baby bump while being on the Labor Day vacation. Her husband Justin Ervin accompanied the American model on tour. 

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The plus-size model of American origin got a click in her flower-patterned bikini while sipping an iced coffee in New York. Her husband, Justin, posed by touching the baby bump. The photo was captioned “Staycation.” In another picture, the 31-year old would-be mother Ashley stuck her tongue out and held her belly. Graham’s excitement about the new-life can be made out through the snaps she has been posting throughout her pregnancy. No trolls and ill-comments are affecting her in any way, and she is maintaining herself pretty well. Last week, the model flaunted the bump through a post-massage upload on Instagram where she was seen posing nude.

Graham’s pregnancy and her spirit are being appreciated by fans and people all over the social platforms. However, one user commented, “I can tell sis probably struggled to have this baby.” Ashley kept herself calm and came with a quick reply mentioning that the user’s offensive comment was not the first one that she faced over social media. She replied, “Saw your other ‘pressed AF’ comment. Not sure why you are commenting or following if you are just going to hate. Love you sis and hope you find some peace & positivity”. This one came as a bang as the concerned follower had no words to reply her back.