The Banks, Roxane Gay’s Graphic Novel being Adapted as a TV Series!

‘The Bank’ Heads To Television

The graphic novel ‘The Banks’ is set to develop in a television series by New Regency and TKO Studios. ‘The Banks’ is created by Roxane Gay and artist Ming Doyle. Roxane Gay is New York’s bestselling author who will write the adaption for the going-to-be-series of ‘The Banks.’

Salvatore Simeone and Tze Chun said that TKO is proud to partner with New Regency. New Regency has a track of creating ground-breaking films and series that aligns with the critically acclaimed thought-provoking genre stories by TKO publishers. 

Salvatore and Tze also mentioned that they believe their companies’ combined strength makes an ideal partnership. In addition to that, they added that the beginning of a new model of TV adaptation would be beneficial for both parties. 

About The Author

Roxane Gay is an American writer, editor, and professor. She has written many novels that have earned a strong profile for themselves. She is also considered as one of the New York Times bestselling authors. In addition to ‘The Banks,’ Gay is also the author of several books, including AyitiAn Untamed StateBad FeministDifficult Women, and Hunger. 

The Story Of The Book

The Banks’ Roxane Gay Adapting Graphic Novel As TV Series For New Regency & TKO Studios
Comic Years

The story of ‘The Banks’ follows a young girl named Celia who has worked hard in creating a life for herself outside of the family business. Her frustration for the gender norms and race leads her to revenge while bringing herself to the family. 

Her mother and grandmother both are lifelong criminals, but the novel doesn’t only tell that they’re just thieves. Gay has carefully allotted all the issues that Banks women faced institutionalized racism that they all experienced. 

The novel has elements that invoke the requirement for justice in the plot. All elements included in the novel add depth and realism to enhance the whole reading experience. However, ‘The Banks’ has the power of captivating the reader and is also a thought-provoking read. As the comicbook mentioned that The Banks is a heist story in its finest form.