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“The Bachelor” featured Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell has allegedly broken up, amidst the racism controversies

Shortly after the show was over, Matt and Rachael were together– in love. But recently, Matt James has revealed that he has broken up with Rachael over racism controversies. They left the show in committed relationship. Matt deliberated situation on After the Final Rose that the couple is no more together.

However, before announcing that they are no more together, Matt praised Rachael for her authenticity. Following up their happy ending in the show, Matt said that it was like extending honeymoon for them. But, the fairytale soon ended when Rachael’s past actions came forward.

There were some incident which grabbed Matt’s attention in January. Matt has been always fighting for black’s lives.

Following the Rachael’s attitude towards¬†Racism,¬†Matt decided to call it a quit

When Rachael’s past actions came into lime Matt decided to call of their romantic relationship. There were some post which supported racism and Rachel liked them. Moreover, there was a Tik Tok user who allegedly accused Rachael for bullying her for dating a Black Men.

Rachael Kirkconnell and Matt James on Season 25 of "The Bachelor."
Credit: Pagesix

After acknowledging such maters, Matt was very disappointed. He therefore, said that the situation has broke his heart. He said that you may think you know your better half but then there comes situations like these. Matt further added that it took him sometime to figure out who Rachael is and what kind of people she is associated with.

What was Rachael’s reaction over these allegations?

Although Rachael publicly apologized for her action but Matt was strong in his decision. He decided to call it off and therefore they are no more together. Moreover, Rachael has said that she is feeling shameful for her past actions and thus asked public not defend her. As in addition she said that she would do better in future.

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