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The Attack on Titan brings a unique one on one session between Armin and Annie for the fans!

The Attack On Titan is a series that has been running over a long time with many editions made into series. The manga series is one of the most famous series ever made. This has been known worldwide with a huge fan base. The viewers of the series have known the essence of the story that it has carried with itself. The last edition has been planned and will soon be shaped according to the likes of the viewers.

Since the past editions have had a huge success, the books were sold soon after they came to the markets and the readers have read the stories as they were out in the markets. The anime series has been equally streamed and watched by the fans. The anime is liked as much as the manga series is liked and the interest of the fans in them never lowered, regardless of the number of editions it had. 

What was the most special feature of the upcoming series?

The last edition of the series will be a unique one and will have many modifications to it which are different from the previous editions. The most awaited moment is going to be created in the last edition in which Armin and Annie will be cast together. They have played a great role in the past editions, however, this time the two are paired to bring a unique combination that has never been made possible or shown in the series.

It will be an exciting match and worth the patience that the fans of the series have shown all this while. Once the event gets recreated, it would be worth watching how the story shapes in the future. 

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