The Apprentice: The famous dread cafe- Bridge Cafe is a real place to for Loosers?? Deeds inside!

This place is a cafe which is also known as the ‘losers cafe.’ This cafe is located in Westfield’s road London, was found by Frank and Gerry Marcangelo, having been run for 52 years.

There are two dread cafes in London the first and least visited cafe is La Cabana 2 in Willesden, northwest London, and another one is Bridge Cafe in West Action, London.

This place is said to be gloomy as it does not contain attractive things like music, artworks on the walls; this makes the place a little weird. But the interesting fact is still a favorite and famous cafe in London.

Bridge Cafe is a certified reality TV and business landmark as the name suggests apprentice meaning a job training involving studying a master of trade on a job instead of in school. Here the apprentice task is to work in the cafe, and you can go as part of your latest reality television pilgrimage.

This place is known as losers cafe because the losers sitting here blame each other for their apprentice task.

This is which is only from Monday to Friday. The time at which you can visit this place is from 7 am to 2:30 pm. This place can be visited by anyone, and there are no restrictions.

There is a British TV series – The Apprentice. For the scenes where the losing team is discussing their loss, the film crew has used the two cafes that are ‘ La Cabana 2 ‘ and ‘Bridge Cafe’ though seen editing is done to make it look like that candidates only enter the bridge cafe.

This is a fantastic place as this place is present for 52 years, and there is nothing changed since then. People still find the place interesting and visit.
The reviews are ” top quality food, friendly services.”