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The Anime Television series Pop Team Epic’s Season 2 Dawdle till 2021! Release Date, Plot and all Exciting News Underneath

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“Pop Team Epic” is also known as Poptepipic and is a Japanese anime series. The series is an adaptation of Manga. “Pop Team Epic” is generously based on surreal comedy.

Season 1 of “Pop Team Epic” was directed by Jun Aoki and Aoi Umeki. Jun Aoki was also the writer of the series. It was produced by Kotaro Sudo. The series was released with 12 episodes in 7th of January, 2018. The creators then released two special episodes on 1st of April, 2019.

What is the concept of “Pop Team Epic”?

Well the series just revolves around two main characters Popuko and Pipimi. Popuko is a 14 years old girl who is very short tempered who believes more in violence. However, even after her aggressive nature she loves Pipimi. The character, Pipimi is also a 14 years old girl and is bestfriend of Popuko. Unlike Popuko, Pipimi is is very friendly and have sober nature. She cares a lot about her best friends and becomes violent if someone trouble her bestfriend.

When will season 2 of “Pop Team Epic” will come up?

The first season of the show was an amazing success of the show’s original manga series. There is no official announcement of season 2. In fact, there is no sign of season 2 yet. But, fans still expect that the creators won’t back out from season 2 after the huge success and love they have received after season 1. However, it seems like production have not discussed anything about the series because there is no sign of season 2 even in the media.

The reason why fans are expecting season 2 is because a very short part of the manga series was covered in season 1. If the officials don’t announce the date even in 2021 then we should assume that there will be no season 2.