Be Ready for the Hustle as ‘Animal Kingdom’ is Returning with Season 5!

The Animal Kingdom is an American drama television series the series is based on Australian film on the same name, Animal kingdom debuted on June 2016. The quick success of the show made the creators renew the show instantaneously. the show is hosted by TNT. The success paved the path for continuous four-season and now are we looking for the fifth season, well yes TNT renewed the series for the fifth season.

The fascinating crime story

The story of the series revolves around a 17-year teen who loses his mother and shifts with his bizarre relatives, The Codys, a criminal family clan governed by matriarch Smurf played by Ellen Barkin. Well, the plot is all about J learning and growing in such an extensive atmosphere, and how a criminal family operate which is really interesting to watch.

Talking about the review of the show as a whole, it could be rated as a successful show which is capable of capturing your attention and jaw-dropping expression.

About The Next Season


Animal Kingdom Season 5 has been announced and much of the part is complete although the current scenario of corona pandemics will affect the release of the show, Season 5 release date was confirmed in 2020. But still no confirm date and month has been marked on a calendar. It was expected in May or June but let’s just hope for the early sun out of this darkness.

Be Ready for the Hustle as 'Animal Kingdom' is Returning with Season 5! 1

Talking about the upcoming season, most of the lead cast of the season is not going to change in the recent season, well we have Janine Cody aka Smurf is played by Ellen Barkin, the lead of the clan, suffering from cancer wanting to expand her empire, her character is really dense and well played.

 Well, the plot doesn’t just go easy from where the series left us, in last season Ellen Barkin’s Janine Cody is Dead which doesn’t seem delightful. And yes we expect smurf to come up with something solid.