The American rapper TI gets daughter’s virginity check test, looks like Deyjah, her daughter finds it humiliating and traumatizing too!!

Once again, the Internet got furious and abhorrent over the recent comments made by the rapper named TI.

TI surpassed a comment on his podcast, Ladies Like Us, where he was asked if he talks about sex education with his children or not.

TI said that he not only discusses freely sex education with his daughter but also pays a visit to gynecologist to check if his daughter’s hymen is still intact.

This act is very shameful, and at the same time, traumatizing for someone who gets their virginity checked. The process might be painful to some in case . This humiliating act is widely disapproved across the globe, even the UN organization, WHO (World Health Organization) and UN Women this is virginity test that is medically unnecessary and often turns to be humiliating, painful and traumatizing for young women. WHO also states that there isn’t any medical proof that the hymen broke due to vaginal intercourse or due to some athletic practices.

While sharing his views over the podcast, the rapper called that his doc told him that it isn’t necessary that the hymen may break out due to intercourse practices. Often, due to heavy athletic practices like sprinting and splitting or even at times while horse riding too, the hymen may break out.

But, the way TI followed his comment was quite shocking.

He said about his 18-year-old daughter Deyjah Harris that, doc, she doesn’t ride any horses, she doesn’t ride any bike, she doesn’t play any sports. Just check the hymen please and give me back my results expeditiously.

Though the rapper has been trying hard to defend himself.

The way he feels or treats his daughter shouldn’t be considered as the matter of short mindedness according to him but having one’s concern as a parent to protect their child from spoiling their life at a very young age.

Right now, neither TI nor Deyjah has replied to hard clapbacks to TI’s comment over social media. But Deyjah has like the comments where this act has been considered as humiliating and traumatizing.

Maybe she has been victimized by her father for humiliating her presence by letting her go through the multiple virginity tests over the years.