The All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Dynamite challenge has raised a feud between Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara! Check it out.


The All Elite Wrestling is a platform where people come and wrestle. Professions perform stunts that must not be re-created at home by anyone since the wrestlers are professionals who perform the stunts with full safety and practice. They have a long experience with that form of wrestling which they perform and are given training before they perform those acts on records.

Once someone who has appeared in the wrestling competition experiences a fatal injury, they are provided treatment from the professionals who are experienced at handling such cases from the past and are good at handling such injuries. Not a tough task, yet it requires a long training before it can be performed by the experts.

What happened at the AEW that caused the chaos?

A video posted by the AEW on YouTube was regarding Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara having a face-off where the two had a mishap and the situation seemed slipping out of hands. Sammy was busted openly by Matt on the TV where the two had a bad experience. The former was busted with a chair by the latter which came uninformed.

It was an act committed by mere negligence and the driving force for the same was detrimental for Sammy as that could have caused serious injuries after the bleeding went on for long. The two are now in an online beef where they are seen expressing their agitation towards the act and the other defending himself.

Whatever be the outcome of the anger, one must not forget to maintain safety before they take a step that was taken in this case as such incidences must not be repeated again. The disclaimers regarding it being a professional act need to be followed.