The Alienist is coming back with season 2 soon. But when? Check out for release date, cast, plot and other updates.

‘The Alienist’ is a television drama which is based on the book written by Caleb Carr of same name. It was premiered on TNT. The Alienist is a story related to crimes. It shows Dr. Laszlo, Roosevelt and John Moore trying to solve the mystery of murders. They use different methods and psychology to solve the cases.

When will Season 2 be out?

TNT has just confirmed about the comeback of Season 2. Season 1 was released in 2018 containing 10 episodes in total. The date of release of Season 2 has not announced yet. It is possible that it will be aired in the year 2020.     

Cast and Characters of Season 2

The lead actors from the previous season will surely be seen again. We will see Daniel Brühl as Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, Brian Geraghty as Roosevelt and Luke Evans as John Schuyler Moore who were the main characters of the series. Cyrus Montrose, Marcus, Mary and others can also be seen. There are chances for the introduction of new characters and faces in the upcoming season.

What can we expect as the plot of Season 2?

Since it is already declared by TNT that the Second Season will be based on the book ‘The Angel of Darkness’, therefore the storyline will also be similar. The book received a great and amazing response on its release. The story of the book shows the events after the time gap of one year. Here, Dr. Laszlo and his team are seen helping Sara to find clues about her daughter’s kidnapping. More and more stress is building up between Spain and the United States, and war in Cuba can be seen. They all are trying to save the child from the dangerous woman. Scenes related to modern period can also be witnessed.

Currently, no trailer is launched to exactly tell what all can happen in the Season 2. The viewers and supporters of the drama are ready for the launch of upcoming season.