The Afterparty Gets Green Signal with Tiffany Haddish for Season 2

The Afterparty comedy series gets green signal for arrival with season 2

While Apple TV+ drama The Afterparty is still airing its episodes for season one, the season 2 for it has got green signal. The comedy drama on Apple TV+ drama certainly gives a thrilling yet amusing storyline to watch and yes now the journey seems to be moving ahead. So, here we bring all the updates on the second season of The Afterparty.

Season 2 

The Afterparty
Apple TV +

The comedy mystery of Apple TV+ is all set to air its final episode for season one on 4th March this year. Hopefully, we have the confirmation for a season two to happen as well. Meanwhile, we would get to see how Detective Danner solves the murder mystery of Xavier in season one and would get to know who was the killer at the high school reunion.

As the comedy mystery narrates a story of high school reunion where a murder takes place, Detective Danner is left with the onus to find who killed Xavier. Not to miss, despite the mystery to solve on the last episode, the second season renewed would have a new mystery and a new storyline to watch.

Tiffany Haddish will return

Tiffany Haddish
Apple TV+

While 4th March will give all the viewers as to who was behind Xavier’s demise. Detective Danner played by Tiffany Haddish would continue to make a comeback for season two of the comedy mystery drama.

Certainly, she would be reprising her role as detective Danner once again with a new mystery to solve and some new cast of suspects. Beside this, we have merely got the announcement for the second season of the comedy mystery, yet we can’t have the second season to arrive anytime soon. Hopefully, we’ll get to know more about the same as the production begins for it.