The 39th season of Survivor- ‘Island of the Idols’ has finally been released! Here are all the details about it!

The 39th season of Survivor- ‘Island of the Idols’, has premiered today on CBS maintaining the same time slot of 8:30 p.m. every Wednesday. This is continuing since Survivor Nicaragua since 2010. With this Survivor will also new competition from “The Masked Singer” where celebrities will appear in crazy costumes.

Source: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Boston Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine are the forefronts of the 39th season of Survivor. The executive producer of the show, Jeff Probst, had a talk with Hollywood Reporter on the first morning of production of the season where he had discussed the details about it.

He discussed the reasons why Boston and Sandra are being the semi-runners of the show and serving in a quasi-producorial capacity as coaches. He also talked about how the new players will interact with the two veterans, who will operate as tormentors and teachers alternatively or as the day will demand.

Source: Robert Voets/CBS

Talking about the new players in this season, Jeff Probst said that the age group of the contestants will range between 23 to 60 with the majority of the above 30 years or older. Some are embarking or beginning their professional lives while others who are in the 20s are into their second careers. Two of them are also retired even though they are less than 30.

The players are fans of the show and have seen every episode of the Survivor. Not only this, but they have also consumed hours of podcasts and revisited gameplay footage. Many had applied multiple times previously as to have some of them getting so close to their dream as to have already graced the shooting location in Fiji before the season.

He further said, “We’ve changed our storytelling dramatically. We’re going through much deeper dives. The culture is going through a major shift right now, especially with gender. Let’s just go and find interesting people and see where it leads us. It sounds like what we always do, where we sit down and ask ourselves.”