Terrence Howard’s love life and relationships were unusual and strange to say the least! Check it out.

Terrence Howard’s life was unpleasant from the very beginning. Destined to a young mother and a dad — who Terrence depicts as a pimp — his life was inundated by non-conventional perspectives on love and connections. The Hustle and Flow on-screen character have stood out as truly newsworthy for his untidy sentiments and separations. Be that as it may, the manner in which he treats the lady in his life is more strange than anything you would ever imagine.


Terrence Howard was conceived on March 11, 1969, in Chicago. He disclosed to Rolling Stone his skin was yellow to the point that specialists at the emergency clinic thought he had jaundice. They immediately took him to an obscured space for multi-day



In 1971, two-year-old Terrence, his folks, and his kin took off to a retail establishment during the special seasons to see Santa Claus. A 36-year-elderly person named Jack Fitzpatrick who there additionally with his three kids. Jack’s pregnant spouse was shopping in the store with their most established little girl.

At 21 years old, he wedded a lady named Lori McCommas. They had three kids together and in 1995, they moved to Los Angeles so Terrence could discover additional acting chances. He and Lori isolated because of his acts of unfaithfulness. Terrence disclosed to Rolling Stone he went to see a specialist and the advisor determined him to have closeness habit.


His vocation was at last headed down the correct way, however, his union with Lori was a chaotic situation. In 2001, Lori hung up on him during a warmed phone discussion. Terrence then went to her home, broke the front entryway, went through the screen entryway, snatched her arm, and allegedly hit her twice in the face. He and Lori divorced in 2003, remarried in 2005, just to separate again in 2007 once Lori reconnected with her secondary school darling.



Terrence Howard’s strange love life was going to take another odd turn. After his separation, he wasn’t searching for love, yet he was available to meeting new individuals. He revealed to Essence magazine he attempted to converse with both Halle Berry and Gabrielle Union, yet neither of them got back to him.

Terrence Howard’s strange love life went in another direction in late 2013. He went to an L.A. restaurant and spotted a woman having lunch with a man.


The woman was Miranda Pak, and the man was her old boss. Miranda was taken aback by how bold Terrence was to approach them. Terrence responded, “Well, only a tiger can approach a tiger.”



In mid-2014, he and Miranda split up. In early-2015, she filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. They were able to work things out just in time for Terrence to land a role on the show Empire in 2015. In June 2015, he and Miranda welcomed their first son.

In any case, there was one more barricade. As indicated by People magazine, he and Miranda unobtrusively divorced in July 2015. The benevolent exes strolled the red carpet at the Emmys only two months after their separation was settled.


Miranda brought forth their second child in August 2016, making Terrence a dad of five. Furthermore, in December 2018, Terrence proposed to Miranda with a seven-carat precious stone wedding band. After the proposal, Terrence had this to the state to their loved ones.