Terminator: Dark Fate reunion turned out to be nostalgic for Linda Hamilton after meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Celebrity reunions are always great! We are pleased to see celebrities getting together for a film or a party after years. This celebrity was elated when she was reunited with her former co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger!


Who is Reuniting and For Which Popular Film?

Linda Hamilton
Linda Hamilton

Apparently, Linda Hamilton was flooded with happiness when she was reunited with Arnold Schwarzenegger for Terminator: Dark Fate. The actress was reprised for the role of Sarah Connor in the latest reboot of the popular money-making franchise. Linda was quite happy and collected all her good memories while working with the Hollywood Legend once again.

Linda said that she was too happy and elated. She even hugged him for the first three weeks! She was flooded with happiness. Her excitement was quite evident in some of the shows where she appeared recently. It was quite a nostalgic moment for her, it seems!

What Does Arnold Have To Say About All This?

Although Linda confessed that she was too skeptical initially for the role, she had second thoughts and needed some time for the role. She joked and said to the creators whether they are going to put her in a wheelchair for the role! For her, the idea of coming back to the role after twenty-eight years was too far fetched.

On the other hand, out very own Arnold Schwarzenegger had no doubts and was quite eager for the role. After hearing the script, he was all in for the rile, said the 72 years old action star. He was all the more convinced and excited when he heard the idea of bringing Linda Hamilton back for the film.

Let us see how the film turns out to be. Fans are all excited about the film and, obviously, have high hopes on the film that has created quite a name for itself.