Tekashi 6ix9ine pulled Jamel Jones, who got sentenced for 11 years! Reason: Drug Dealing and threatening Tekashi 6ix9ine. Deeds inside!!

Jamel Jones, the godfather of gang nine treys, has been arrested for drug dealing and threatening to kill the rapper Tekashi which had led to many members of his gang caught and sentenced to 11 long years in prison. He had accepted his crime in April and held guilty as his phone calls had been taped.

Jones was caught trading two kilos of heroin to an undercover police officer, but what prompted the government to arrest him was the phone call he made to the rapper, and they used it as an agenda against him to catch him.

Jones pleaded in the court to have leniency on his punishment because he had joined the business at a very young age when he was unable to discriminate between right and wrong. However, the judge has punished him for 11 years as the case of hasTekashi’s involvement.

Over more than three days of the hearing, the rapper  Tekashi revealed the details of various illegal things the nine trays have been doing. Tekashi was arrested along with five other members of nine treys in 2018 on account of drug dealing in New York.

Tekashi also revealed how he joined the nine treys to gain street popularity in exchange for money that he earned from the music industry.

Tekashi can be sentenced to up to 47 years in prison. Since his dirty acts have been revealed, he has been getting a lot of hate on social media. Tekashi also accused rapper Cardi B to be involved, but she has denied any connection with Jones.

There were a total of 11 members of nine tray who have been charged for illegal crimes.   The names are : Jamel Jones aka Mel Murda, Kifano Jordan aka Shotti, Jensel Butler aka Ish, Daniel Hernandez aka Tekashi69, Fuguan Lovick aka Fu Banga, Faheem Walter aka Crippy, Dernard Butler, aka Drama, Kintea McKenzie aka Kooda B, Roland Martin aka Roe Murda, Anthony Ellison aka Harv and Aljermiah Mack aka Nuke.