Teen Wolf Takes A New Turn And Is All Set To Return! But With A Movie

Teen Wolf Will Return With A Movie As Fans Requested

Teen Wolf has officially confirmed to comeback with a movie. Creator Jeff Davis is signing a new deal with MTV Entertainment Studios. However, the movie is confirmed to be on Paramount+.

Davis will continue to write the script for the movie with the original cast. Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brian Holland Roden and the rest of the crew will join the cast. Since its season finale in 2017, fans are waiting for more of Teen Wolf.

For the ten year anniversary Teen Wolf came up with a Movie announcement
Instagram/ Teen Wolf

And to their surprise Paramount+ has released a teaser for a new movie and a series.

Teen Wolf And A Brand New Series

The movie is the most talked subject for now. However, the teaser also give a hint on Wolf Pack. So Wolf Pack is a completely different to that of the previous series. And this is an adaptation of Wolf Pack by Edo Van Belkom.

However, Wolf Pack depicts a story of young people with same background of the series. Their lives are changed when they encounter with the werewolf.

Not one but two good news for the fans as they await the ‘Teen Wolf movie’.

Jeff Davis will continue to write the script of Teen Wolf movie
Instagram/ Jeff Davis

The Plot For The Movie

The movie shows the life of Scott McCall who is no more a teenager. But is still an Alpha, and as he returns to Beacon Hills to fight the evil. And their previous enemies were brought down by the pack.

But now the problem gets bigger when they are faced with a deadly enemy. So this enemy is the strongest of all the enemies that they have previously fought. McCall is back with his friends as he fights back the never faced villain.

Also the 100 episodes of the series will be available on Paramount+ from December. As fans wait for the movie they can binge on to the series from the beginning.

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