Teen Wolf: 5 Character Arcs which saved the Show & 5 which ruined it.h


Teen Wolf is an American supernatural teen drama series. It was developed by Jeff Davis in MTV. It is based on a film of the same name which was released in 1985.

The series moves around social outcast Scott McCall, who is a high school student living in the town of Beacon hills. His life changes when a werewolf bit him before sophomore year, becoming one himself.

The show employed certain arcs that improved the story while others ruined the plot. Find out what they were.

Best arcs of the show


Crystal Reed played the role of Argent. Argent initially was a Werewolf Hunter. He believed that Werewolves don’t have a human side. He and his wife transferred because they thought Werewolf were monsters. When Argent got to know about Scott McCall, he realized that he was wrong.

He became an ally to Scott & he supported Allison’s relationship with Scott. He leaves after Allison’s death but he returns when things are not right in Beacon Hills. Argent joins Scott’s initiative to save young Werewolves.

Lydia Martin:

Holland Roden played the role of Lydia Martin. She is a popular girl who initially tries to play down her Formidable Intelligence. Her supernatural abilities begin to manifest after an encounter with Derek’s uncle Peter Hale in the First season.

Scott McCall & Stiles:

Scott’s role was played by Tyler Posey. He is turned onto a werewolf in the series. He begins to uncover the complicated supernatural world of Beacon Hills with his friend as well as Stiles.

The Nagitsune:

Stiles’ body is playing host to the Nogtisune, that was using him to mess with his friend & try tricks on them. The Nogitsune made Havoc in Styles’ mind. The possession made Stiles desperate to protect his loved ones.

Embracing the Wolf:

After the death of Peter, Scott was forced to accept his fate as Werewolf. From then on he worked to understand & grow his abilities. Scott would need to, as various supernatural creatures would appear to try & take over Beacon Hills.


  1. Young Derek:

    Tyler Hoechlin played the role of Derek Hale. He is an older werewolf from a prominent werewolf family in Beacon Hills. He stars a hostile relationship with Scott& his friends but comes to be a valuable ally.

  2. Jackson and Lydia’s Relationship:

    Jackson & Lydia’s relationship was problematic. Jackson started to mistreat her because of his desire to become werewolf & he thought she was preventing his personal growth. Meanwhile, Lydia pretended as if she was just interested in shallow things & never revealed her intelligence to Jackson.

  3. Malia & Scott:

    Malia & Scott were a good couple but their relationship was not going right due to a lack of romantic development between both of them.

  4. Kira & the Skinwalkers:

Kira Ha a lot going for her. Kira was only in her identity as Kitsune when She joined Beacon Hills Highschool. As Kira’s ability to rang beyond her limits, Teen Wolf brought the Skinwalkers. This was a group that could train Kira to use her skills and control them.

5. Kate Argent returns alive:

When Kate returns, Chris Argent comes back to Beacon Hills to help Scott fight his sister. People hoped that Kate would never return as her history with Derek.