Teamfight Tactics has launched its all-new patch 9.19 and this patch has more exciting updates than ever before! Checkout for more details!!

Image: The 5th News

The long wait of fans has finally ended as the Teamfight Tactics path 9. 19 has finally arrived. After “Riot” has taken the decision that the game mode didn’t need any patch last week. But this only added up to the frustration of the players as they faced the endless Assassin/Void comps, but to their amazement, this week’s patch is a super large one.

This week’s patch is filled with a lot of awesomeness and Kai’Sa has entered the arena with a whole bunch of Sparring Gloves items along with a new bunch of adjustments.

Image: invenglobal.com

Just the way it was officially announced a few weeks ago, Kai’Sa has joined the Teamfight Tactics as nothing but as a Void champion, sporting the Ranger and Assassin classes. These classes added and reflected her ultimate ability, Killer Instinct. Of course, Kai’Sa is a legendary Champion and is only available at the steep price of whopping five gold.

Once Kai’Sa has refilled herself with the required mana, she can rush over to the enemy backline and provides herself with a shield of health 300/600/900 depending on the level she is on, and is seen gaining an attack speed boost over the range 30% to 90%. So obviously such powers and abilities do not come cheaply.

Along with the entry of Kai’Sa, 11 more new items have been added to the game as well. The all-new Sparring Gloves are a component that is very similar in function to the Recurve Bow and the Chain Vest. And the Sparring Gloves come with an adding advantage, and they grant themselves an extra 10% of critical strike chance and an additional 10% chance to dodge enemy attacks.

The 11 new items that were introduced in this week’s patch were Infinity Edge, Repeating Crossbow, Sparring Gloves, Iceborn Gauntlet, Quicksilver, Jeweled Gauntlet, Mittens, Trap Claw, Deathblade, Giant Slayer and Trap Claw.