Taylor’s Mom turned out to be mischievous as she shared video of Taylor Sobs over a Banana on Jimmy’s Late Night Show!!

Taylor Swift on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

The sensational singer and songwriter sobs over a banana post eye surgery. Taylor Swift says- ‘I am not asleep. My mind is alive.’ in the hilarious video, her mother shared. The singer’s mom managed to sneak footage of Taylor’s recovery after LASIK eye surgery.

The singer’s secret footage went viral after she attends The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Oct,3.


The video debut with Jimmy Fallon in his Late Night Show when Taylor gave a visit, and fans saw a very different side of Swift after Jimmy secretly debut a comical video of the singer during Thursday night’s Tonight Show.
Jimmy Fallon, before releasing the video, asked Taylor about her LASIK eye surgery. The singer looked confused at first. She replied the surgery was good. “How do you know that?” she asked.

When Jimmy Fallon breaks the news to Taylor that he’s about to air the clip, she disbeliefs, “For the television?” she asks.

In the video, Taylor Swift can be seen wearing a pair of protective goggles. She’s eager to snack on a banana. Although she ends up collecting the wrong one, as Taylor tries to hold back from crying, Andrea is overheard telling her to stop crying.

Swift is then slowly eating the banana laying down in her bed. Her mom advises that she doesn’t fall asleep.

“I’m not asleep. My mind is alive,” the singer responds.

Singer Taylor Swift

Everyone in the audience and Jimmy himself laughed hysterically over the video. However, the singer is left shocked and embarrassed over the secret footage. Swift tells Jimmy Fallon that her mom was kind to drive her to the studio but cruel enough to give the footage to him.

Fallon insists Taylor not be mad at him while struggling to hold his laughter.