Taylor Swift sent an extremely adorable gift for Gigi Hadid’s newborn baby daughter! Check it out.

Hollywood has people that are best friends with each other, while on the other end, there are people that indulge in online beef with the others in the industry. The industry of Hollywood is under the check by the fan and they keep themselves updated about the developments that take place in it with the celebrities on a daily basis.


Not once, but often do we see an exchange of love, as well as that of hate and that, is what keeps the fans alive. Celebrities are in constant touch with each other as well as the daily updates about their lives. Not only social media but also in person do the celebrities have the chance to meet and they do what they would do under normal circumstances. An exchange of gifts is still under the banner as it would if the lockdown and social gatherings restrictions were uplifted.

Gigi Hadid's baby receives adorable gift from 'auntie' Taylor Swift, former shares glimpse - Republic World
picture: republic world

What is the activity that took attention in the industry of Hollywood?

Gigi Hadid has recently received a gift, one of the biggest gifts of her life, she has been blessed with a child and on the occasion, the child’s aunt, Taylor Swift had gifted the child a blanket. The gift had tons of happiness and emotions attached to it. This was the news that was followed by the people on social media and took the attention of the public.


The birth of the child into their family was a good development as the child is now a boon to their family and is looked upon by the family to bring more unity into the family as the fabric between the family members will strengthen. Hadid shared the moment with her fans on Instagram.