Taylor Swift Is All Set With Her New Upcoming Album And Some Big Names Are Popping Up On The Album!

It seems like the singing sensation Taylor Swift has a big surprise for fans during quarantine and music fanatics might be happy to know that a brand new song might be releasing anytime soon!

Taylor Swift Is All Set To Release Her Latest Upcoming Music Album! Here’s What We Know.

The Love Story hitmaker is all set to.releae her eight music album, titled Folklore! Taylor Swift made the announcement via her Instagram account sting that while she planned a lot of things this summer which did not happen, and instead something unexpected happened. Take a look at the exclusive first look of the album posted by Taylor Swift on her Instagram account.


She further explained that she recorded these upcoming songs in isolation and also collaborated with some musical heroes as well! Taylor Swift co-wrote the songs alongside Aaron Dessner, who wrote on Twitter that Swift approached the singer in April about collaborating.

The Singing Sensation Has Collaborated With Some Big Names This Time!

Dessner went on to express his excitement on this collaboration and praised Swift by saying that he has rarely so inspired by someone. It seems like fans are all set to experience some great music with these great names with whom Taylor Swift have teamed up for this new album. Here’s the first look from one of the song on the album.


Taylor Swift also explained her plan of releasing this album during this global crisis saying how current times have made us realize that nothing really is guaranteed. She is all on board with this kind of uncertainty when it comes to putting our something we love. We sure are excited to the upcoming album.