Taylor Swift has got a new fan following now!! Todrick Hall appreciates her friend’s vocal support for LGBT community!!

On Friday, Todrick Hall reflected that people still didn’t realize what a huge deal it was for Taylor Swift to speak in support of the LGBT rights in her latest music video. Moreover, Todrick Hall has praised his dear friend Taylor Swift on her contribution to the LGBT community.

Taylor Swift has got a new fan following now!! Todrick Hall appreciates her friend's vocal support for LGBT community!! 1

In an interview with BuzzFeed News’ AM to DM Todrick Hall referring to the new song dropped by Taylor Swift said that it is quite a dangerous thing to do especially when you have a majority of your fans from bible belt and the mid-west.

Todrick Hall was the executive producer for Taylor Swift’s new song. You Need To Calm Down. Todrick Hall even made an appearance in the song. A few lines of the lyrics address the anti-gay protesters and Swift asks them to control their urge to scream as it doesn’t make anybody less gay.

Taylor Swift recently Vogue that she has taken the decision to be more vocal about her support to gay rights after having a conversation with Todrick Hall.

Taylor Swift said that Todrick Hall had asked her what she would do if her son were gay. Taylor Swift said this happened two years ago while they were traveling in a car. She reflected that if she didn’t know the answer, neither did her fans.

Taylor Swift said in the interview that she was unable to imagine what her fans from the LGBTQ community must be thinking. She further added that it was almost devastating to realize that she hasn’t been clear about that publicly.

Todrick Hall said that he was very impressed with Taylor Swift’s efforts because she is more likely referring to her fans who disagreed with her. Todrick added that Taylor Swift does have fans who might not agree to gay marriages just like she does.