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Taylor Swift does not like to see her pictures! Opens up about overcoming struggle with eating disorder

Taylor Swift, the famous pop singer opens up about her struggle with her diet.

Taylor Swift has released a new documentary “Miss Americana” about her. The documentary premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on Thursday night.

Over the years there has been a constant nasty comment about the pop-star that she is too skinny. This remark has troubled Swift a lot. This time, the singer has opened up about it.

In the Netflix film, there is a several minutes segment where Taylor talks about her struggle with food. She has been affected adversely by her eating disorders.

She said that she does not like to see her pictures. Though, it has occurred just few times. There have been times when she saw her picture and thought that that tummy area looked a little bigger. Someone even commented that the singer looked pregnant. As a result, she started starving herself.

The pop star went on sharing her experience while interviewing for her documentary with Variety. She did not feel comfortable while talking about her physical appearance or her eating disorders.

Swift describes herself as not as articulate as she should be about the topic. She feels there are others who may describe it in a better way but she speaks of her own experience. Her relation with food is the same as her relation with other things.

The singer shares an incident. When she was 18 and her picture was on the magazine cover for the first time, the headline read: ‘pregnant at 18?’ And it happened because she was wearing a dress that was a little padded at the belly area.

Taylor said that it is the first time she is talking about it but somewhere it makes sense. In the context of what she is doing in her life, she feels it should be discussed. However, she is still very uncomfortable about it.

The director of the documentary, Wilson is very proud of her as he says that this segment of the film is his favorite.

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