Taylor Swift: Backlash on social media acted as catalyst for restructuring her life!!

Taylor Swift has recently shared her humiliating feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. This feud dominated the celebrity news headlines back in 2016.

The whole scandal between Taylor swift and West is very well documented. It is still a question, whether Taylor Swift has given her blessings to Kanye West or not regarding the line from a song-“I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous”. This was involved in a recording which was made public by Kim Kardashian. After this incident, Taylor Swift was branded a snake and has received massive backlash on social media.

Taylor Swift: Backlash on social media acted as catalyst for restructuring her life!! 1
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Taylor Swift has reflected on the long public evisceration and her subsequent comeback in a new cover interview with the Vogue.

She told the magazine that it was a mass public shaming and that there were millions of people telling her that she was canceled. Taylor Swift said that it was a very isolating experience. She added that there were very few people who understood her on the matter of having millions of people hating her and expressing this very loudly on the social media platforms.

Taylor Swift said that when a person tells you to disappear or shut up, it could be perceived as kill yourself. Taylor Swift added that the takedown acted as a catalyst for restructuring her life. This included making and composing new music about her humiliating experience.

Taylor Swift said that it was the only way for her to survive and preserve her mental health.

A few months after this incident wrapped up, the US presidential election 2016 came up and took place between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. This election started another round of criticism for Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift did not make any statements regarding her political situation and was called out for not coming out.