Taylor reveals about her and Joe Alwyn’s relationship through her song ‘Lover’?? Check out how beautifully the song complements the love!!

Taylor Swift is all ready to launch her new album, Lover, on 23rd of August, worldwide. But to everybody’s treat, she has already launched the title song of the album, Lover. The song was released on the 16th of August about which Taylor had already hinted at her Teen Choice Award speech.

The song is very personal and close to Taylor as it is about her very intimate relationship with the love of her life- Joe Alwyn. A line from her song says, “My heart’s been borrowed and yours has been blue. All’s well that ends well, to end up with you.” Fans have speculated that this line reveals the engagement between the two.

However, this hasn’t been confirmed by Taylor or any of the sources yet. But it does suggest that how committed Taylor is to Joe.

The song is not only lyrics-driven but also relationship driven. The songs also reveal a lot about her country’s background. The song ‘Lover’ is a rare glimpse into Taylor’s relationship as she keeps her love and personal life very private. It is so private that they cannot be or rarely be spotted at public events together.

The fan theories and rumors start right from the first line of the song which says,
“We could leave the Christmas lights up till January, This is our place we make the rules.”
A line where Taylor sings “I have loved you for three summers now” make the fans speculate that the couple, Joe and Swift, have been dating for three years already. Some fan theories have even gone as far as to Taylor hinting her wedding with her boyfriend soon.

‘Lover’ is a seventh studio album by the lyricist and singer, Taylor Swift. It is her first release under Republic Records.