Take a look at this brief review of Netflix’s ” Mindhunter “!!! Know about the Plot and Cast of the Psychological Crime Drama

“Mindhunter ” is a web series produced by Netflix based on crime and psychology. It has a total of 19 episodes, the first one released on 13 October 2017. The web series is based on the novel “Mindhunter” by  John Douglas.

Plot :

The web series is based on the lives of FBI agents and psychologists who interrogate serial killers to know the mindset and understand their thinking to solve their cases.

Season 1 is set around the late ’70s. It mainly revolves around the serial killer Edmund Kemper. He has murdered a total of 10 people including his mother and grandparents. Edmund is the main source of understanding the killer’s mind for the FBI agents in the season.

Season 2  is set in the early ’80s. It mainly focuses on the Atlanta murders. It is mainly based on the life of Wendy Williams who was accused of killing 30 innocent people.

Cast :

Jonathan Groff, Holt mc Callany, Anna Torv, Hannah Gross, Cotter Smith, Stacey Roca, and Lauren Glazier are among the main cast of the web series.

Critical response :

“Mindhunter ”  received favorable reviews. The first season was among the top ten shows on TV in 2017. The second season was reviewed to be worth watching and a great thriller.

Release Date:

The first season was released on 13 October 2017. The second season was released on 16 August 2019.

In 2018, Jonathan Groff, one of the main characters in the series won the award for the best actor in a genre.

The web series is originally made in the English language. The music was produced by Jason Hill. The web series is created by Joe Penhall.

So, if you are looking for a web series that completely plays with your mind, this is the one. The web series is very addictive and you are bound to binge-watch. The series is a must-watch if you are interested in criminal cases.