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Take a Look at the Onscreen Geniuses who might Outsmart Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory

While popular comedy series The Big Bang Theory has bid us a final goodbye, fans can never get enough of Sheldon Cooper’s genius that is pretty impressive despite his several other annoying habits! We wonder what would it be if the smart physicist gets into an agreement with some of these popular  other on-screen geniuses!

Imagine If Sheldon Cooper Got Into An Argument With Some Of These On-Screen Geniuses!

  • Mike Ross: Imagine Sheldon Cooper getting into an argument with the genius lawyers from Suits! While both of them had an excellent photographic memory and international abilities, Sheldon Cooper has more bookish knowledge and a fancy degree than Mike Ross. However, Mike Ross was a lot more street smart than Sheldon Cooper was!


  • Rick Sanchez: The science fanatic, eccentric, and genius grandfather from the hit animated series, Rick And Morty might be able to outsmart Sheldon for sure! The old man is all about time traveling and has more edge than the genius physicist! However, an interaction between the two would be interesting enough! Ironically, both of them had a similar approach to the concept of love and companionship no matter how things ended differently for the two.

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  • Walter White: The notorious professor from the hit series Breaking Bad starting making meth for survival and went on to become a drug lord! Imagine Walter White and Sheldon Cooper getting into a battle of the wits! While one is a rule lover, the other one is a rule breaker. So, an encounter between the two would be an interesting one, Sheldon might just end up being a part of the notorious gang! Well, that would have been an interesting watch for fans!