Swipe made at Ivanka Trump by Mark Hamill !! Necessary after she attempted to make a Star Wars reference in a Tweet?

A picture posted on Instagram and Twitter of Ivanka, daughter of the US president was shown in evening dress along with hubby, Jared Kushner and one of her son, Theodore, wearing a Storm Trooper costume.“The Force is strong in my family,” she wrote in the caption.
But Mark Hamill, the legendary performer and voice actor, took it upon himself and didn’t waste the opportunity to reply most strangely. He tweeted the image and commented, “ You misspelled ‘fraud’”- then added the hashtag “# Go Force Yourself.”
The actor isn’t afraid to be vocal about the current political scenario and condemning the president whenever possible. Is it really important and necessary to tweet a response to a family picture? Be it a celebrity or a commoner. Social media bullying and rude comments are not at all acceptable in today’s time. Being respect-worthy towards each other is not that big a task. The 68-year-old star has been using social media to condemn the Trump administration for years now.

The tweet and retweet managed to create a lot of noise in a single day. The comment section was filled with both love and hate messages. It turned out to be the hottest and trending topic to discuss around in the media world. We all know Mark Hamill will continue to show his displeasure towards the first family but all the hopes pinned on the new movie. The upcoming trailer of Rising of Skywalker film viewers have heard Hamill’s voice, but news about his appearing in J J Abrams Star Wars finale is yet to get confirmed. The Rise of Skywalker is set to debut on Dec 20, 2019.