Surprise!! We’re the Millers Sequel in Works! Know the Details About Cast, Plot & Release

We’re the Millers Sequel in Works?? Check Details

American criminal comedy from 2013. Not to be confused with the sitcom The Millers on television.

Despite the fact that the first film was released many years ago, We’re the Millers 2 appears to be on its way to reminding us of the spectacular drug setup they have at their home. We’re the Millers 2 could return with a more complex and organised work this time, according to claims that the producers are now working on it!

If you haven’t heard about the release date, don’t worry; you’ll find out everything you need to know about We’re the Millers 2 right here. To begin, The Millers is a comedy-drama about people who create information about their family life in order to get out of difficult situations.

We're the Millers

Many notable celebrities appear in the We’re the Millers, including Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts, and Molly Quinn, and the show is based on their stories. Bob Fisher and Steve Faber are two more well-known personalities that contributed to the script, which helped the film gross more than $270 million in theatres despite its modest budget.

New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. Pictures released the film on August 7, 2013. Despite mixed reviews, it grossed $270 million worldwide on a $37 million budget during its theatrical run. It received four People’s Choice Awards and six MTV Movie Awards nominations, winning two of them.

Plot of We Are the Millers 

David Clark, a low-level marijuana dealer in Denver, gets robbed of his money and stockpile, including some that he owes to his drug source, Brad Gurdlinger. To pay off his debt, Gurdlinger forces him to smuggle marijuana from Mexico. Recognizing that one man trying to sneak through customs would be suspect, David recruits a stripper named Rose, a 19-year-old runaway named Casey, and his awkward 18-year-old neighbour Kenny to masquerade as the “Millers,” a fictitious family.

We're the Millers

When the Millers arrive at the compound, they discover that the amount of marijuana they’re picking up isn’t “a smidge,” as Gurdlinger had stated, but two tonnes. A police officer stops the Millers, suspecting that they are carrying drugs. The Millers continue their journey when David pays him a bribe. The Millers are apprehended at the border, but border authorities are preoccupied with illegal aliens and release them without inspecting the RV.

One of the radiator hoses breaks due to the increased weight of the marijuana on the RV. The Fitzgeralds (Don, Edie, and Melissa), a family the Millers met at the border, track them down and tow their RV to a repair shop. David discovers Don Fitzgerald is a DEA agent on his way to the shop. Melissa becomes Kenny’s crush.

Casey and Rose offer Kenny kissing lessons when he discloses that he has never kissed a girl; Melissa witnesses them.

Gurdlinger had deceived David, and his objective was to steal the marijuana from cartel chief Pablo Chacon. When the Millers arrive to the shop the next day to pick up the RV, Chacon and his henchman, One-Eye, are waiting for them and ready to murder them. The Millers claim that they aren’t a real family and that they had no idea they were robbing Chacon.

Rose is given the opportunity to demonstrate her stripper skills by dancing, and when she goes too near to Chacon, she turns a steam vent on him. The Millers then flee in their RV, with Kenny driving. The RV veers off the roadway due to Kenny’s poor driving. A tarantula bites Kenny’s testicle as it crawls up his leg.

The Millers go to the hospital when Kenny suffers a serious allergic response to the bite. This mishap causes the delivery of the medications to be further delayed, but David renegotiates with Gurdlinger for a charge of $500,000 if he comes that night. David hurries Kenny to the RV in a wheelchair after he is finally released from the hospital and accidently pushes him over.

During the subsequent debate, David unwittingly reveals how much he gets paid in relation to how little he gave each of the others. The revelation disgusts Casey, Rose, and Kenny, so David abandons them at the local carnival. Rose beats down a young man named Scottie P after he gets fresh with Casey.

David regrets abandoning his buddies and returns shortly after, imploring them to return with him. They both agree to it. One-Eye spots them on their way to the RV and is going to shoot them, when Don appears from his camper and subdues him.

We're the Millers

Chacon suddenly appears around the corner, holding Melissa at gunpoint, and is about to kill them all when the 4th of July fireworks distract him. He is subdued by David and Kenny. Kenny kisses Melissa, and David kisses Rose. Don detains Chacon but allows the Millers to flee.

Gurdlinger is arrested by DEA officers after David delivers the cocaine to him. Don, the lead agent, informs David that he will have to remain in witness protection until Gurdlinger and Chacon’s trial. He goes on to say that anyone who witnessed the incident will also be protected. The Millers are then shown together in the garden of a suburban home, where many marijuana plants are growing.


The production of the film began in 2002.

We are excited to announce that We’re The Millers 2 will be released in theatres almost six years after the first film, and the rumours about a sequel being in the works are genuine!

Because of its success, the producers are considering developing a sequel, and New Line has already begun development on the next one, titled “We’re Still The Millers.” Even if the news was serious when it was originally released, we have some reservations regarding the movie’s future because it has been so long. At this moment, we can claim that everything is possible.

Despite the fact that a sequel has been confirmed, We’re The Millers 2 has yet to receive an official release date, as box office success is not enough for producers.

We’re currently waiting for the creators to see whether the sponsors are ready to work with them, as well as for them to contact the cast members, as we’d like to see the same actors again!

The film was announced in 2006, starring Steve Buscemi as the pot dealer and Will Arnett in a supporting role, but no more progress was made.

Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis were in talks to feature in the picture, according to multiple sources in April 2012.

In July, Emma Roberts, Will Poulter, Ed Helms, and Kathryn Hahn joined the cast.

The film was released in theatres in the United States on August 7, 2013,[12] and the United Kingdom on August 23, 2013. In France, it was released on September 18, 2013, while in Spain, it was released on November 8, 2013.

Warner Home Video released We’re the Millers on Blu-ray and DVD on November 19, 2013. The DVD was released as a two-disc special edition, with two versions of the film: the theatrical version and the “unrated” extended cut, which included 8 minutes of new content as well as 45 minutes of featurettes, outtakes, and deleted scenes.

We're the Millers

We’re the Millers made more than $7 million more than its $37 million budget, grossing over $150 million in North America and $119 million internationally for a total of $270 million globally.

The film has a 49 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 160 reviews with an average rating of 5.5/10. “We’re the Millers squanders its potential with an inconsistent, clumsily produced plot,” says the site’s critical consensus. [15] The film has a 44 out of 100 Metacritic score based on 38 critics, indicating “mixed or mediocre reviews.” [16] On an A+ to F scale, audiences polled by CinemaScore awarded the picture an average score of “A-.”

Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema announced on February 25, 2014 that a sequel to We’re the Millers, titled We’re Still the Millers, was in the works, with Adam Sztykiel penning the script.


We saw Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts, and Molly Quinn star in the first act of the film as the Millers, and we believe We Are The Millers 2 will be as successful as the first if the cast remains the same.

Because all of these actors are well-known and have upcoming projects, they may be able to contribute to We Are The Millers 2’s work. Aside from these main characters, the film may include more cast members, which we are confident many people will welcome.

We're the Millers

We do not believe that a new film will be without fresh faces since we need something new to watch, but we do not yet know who these new characters will be.

We’re the Millers’ Sequel in works

As a result of the events shown in the film, Daniel eventually becomes a heroin dealer, and the situation is confirmed in the conclusion. The Millers had a very joyful ending, which was to be expected given that it was a comedy.

The family was last seen growing weed in a secret location in a well-to-do home with a garden that helped them create a fortune. We don’t know what to expect from We Are The Millers 2, but given that Daniel is a drug dealer, we can assume a similar scenario.

The first film focused primarily on how well the family got along, so it wouldn’t hurt to see them dispute a little bit in We Are The Millers 2, which we hope to see.

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