Supertyphoon Hagibis gives new life to the macho Imaged Filipino band with same name!


It is no hidden fact that Japan incurs natural disasters. But, this time, a super typhoon has revived an almost neglected band.

The Supertyphoon Hagibis shares its name with a Philippines disco band. The band is First Boyband in the Philippines. Though, later it earned the name Village People of the Philippines.

The disco group is famous for their macho images, on-stage costume comprising of leather jackets and trousers. Also, the disco band created songs macho songs about a woman.

The founders of the band are Juan dela Cruz, Band singer, and bassist Mike Hanopol and Vic del Rosario. However, their original line-up was composed of Sonny Parsons, Bernie Fineza, Mike Respall, Joji Garcia, and Mon Picazzo.

Sonny Parsons, still connected with the band, shares that Hugibis(the band) is getting indirect publicity. Since the news of Supertyphoon, people have taken to search engines to know what it is. Thus, they came across the band with the same name.

Still, worldwide popularity has mixed views. While some people are making fun of it, some are treating it solemnly due to the upcoming natural disaster.

Typhoon Hugibis is one of the most powerful storms to hit Japan in sixty years. Majorly, it will affect the main island on Honshu this Saturday.

In particular, Hagibis is defined as speed and strength in the Philippine language Tagalog.

Reportedly, people are comparing the band and typhoons. But, Parsons hopes that it leads to a spike in ticket booking for their concerts as they perform twice a month in the Manila area.

Besides, Parsons is a former elected official. Additionally, he is into film-making and construction business.

The performer predicts that he might get concert offers in a month or two. On the other hand, he is also worried about people-effected and damages.

Further, he wishes that the typhoon takes place in the middle of the sea. The fewer people affected, the better, though he sympathizes with them too.

Philippine is not affected by the typhoon more than scattered rain showers and thunderstorms. Also, the impact area covers the central and southern parts of the Southeast Asian nation.

Parsons claims that the name has attracted the attention of Filipinos in Japan. And thus, warned them of the incoming disaster.

He wants to visit Japan after the typhoon. So, he can help people out of their sorrow and depression.

Music is alike to therapy, and he aspires to make people forget. Clearly, the painful loss that they would experience due to the typhoon.