“Supernatural” star Jared Padalecki gets Arrested on account of Public Intoxication and Assault at an Austin bar

“Supernatural ” actor Jared Padalecki, 37, has been arrested by the police outside Austin bar. He is taken into custody on account of assault and public intoxication on 27th October.

There is footage of the incident which has been released in which Jared can be seen beating one of the workers (bartender) in the bar. His friend tried to stop him but it was of no use. Instead, he got in a headlock. So, there was no other choice than to call the police.

Jared has also been also accused of bribing the police officers after he hit the general manager of the place too.

There are rumors Jared has a partnership in the Austin business, so he is seen dropping in the bar frequently both for business and for drinking too. He is a frequent visitor to the place.

Some sources reveal that he himself owns the “Stereotype “- the bar at Austin Texas where the incident happened. But there is no clear evidence of these things. But keeping in mind that he was there on the opening ceremony of “Stereotype ” and considering his number of visits, we can believe in the theory.

Jared bond is reported at $ 15,000. It is not clear when he is going to be out of jail. The police department, as well as the spokesperson of Jared, has refused to speak anything on the issue.

On the work front, Jared is working on the 15 th season of his show” supernatural “.This is the last season of this show. It is a popular CW series and he stars opposite Jensen Ackles.

Just before the arrest, he was seen enjoying dinner not knowing what’s going to happen soon. Fans are praying for his well being and they hope that he is released soon from the jail. It is human nature to make mistakes and everyone should be given a second chance in their life.