Supernatural actor Jared Padalecki is Arrested For Beating Up A Bartender and doesn’t look like he is going to bail-out any time sooner!!

It seems like Supernatural star Jared Padalecki is in trouble and not in the TV series but in real life. Apparently, the star from the popular sitcom Supernatural was arrested for some misconduct. Let us find out the whole story.

Why Was The Sitcom Star Jared Padalecki Arrested And Where?

It seems that Jared Padalecki has reportedly been arrested for intoxication and assault in Texas. It is still not clear whether he’s been bailed or not. Jared’s bond is set at $15,000. The bigger question that lies is how did he end up in jail and why was he son intoxicated that he had to face the cops!

Is Jared Padalecki Going To Come Out Soon?

Apparently, he was arrested outside a club where Jared quiet frequently visits. He was arrested on early Sunday morning. Jared is charged with double assault and to make his matters worse, even public intoxication. It is reported by the eyewitnesses that Jared went out of control and struck a bartender in the face! Yikes! He did not just stop there but also did struck the general manager of the place as well.

This kind of physical violence surely did put Jared in a lot of trouble. His bail issue is still uncertain due to the heavy charges most probably. Things become pretty heated up, and someone had to put him in a headlock. Things did not stop here, and after this event, the scenario got worse; it seems! After getting out of the club, Jared flashed a wad of cash in front of the cashier.

It seems like Jared is in trouble for his misconduct, and we are waiting for what his co-stars or the creators of the show have to say about this slip of Jared. Let us see what Jared will himself say after he gets bail.